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  • Is LifeMeter accurate?
    LifeMeter has been tested in over 30 peer-reviewed studies for science and accuracy. For more information, click here.
  • How can patients benefit from LifeMeter?
    Patients may be going through life with a silent yet growing carotenoid deficiency. When left undetected, this may lead to vision and other health issues. This simple, affordable and non-invasive test takes less than three minutes to administer and set a baseline, allowing you to provide the appropriate targeted supplementation to prevent deterioration and improve carotenoid levels, leading to improved vision in your patients.
  • How does LifeMeter work?
    LifeMeter utilizes a technology known as reflection spectroscopy, which uses light to measure the number of carotenoids in the skin. The patient places their finger in LifeMeter and will get the results in less than three minutes. The higher the patients’ level, the more carotenoids they have in their bloodstream.
  • Does LifeMeter require any special equipment?
    Everything you need to operate LifeMeter comes with your shipment.
  • Does LifeMeter cause any harm to the patient?
    LifeMeter is completely non-invasive, which means no pricks, pokes, or needles.
  • How will LifeMeter benefit my practice?
    For the first time, your practice can objectively measure carotenoid levels in your patients. Based on the correlation between serum and tissue, you will have a clear indicator of deficiencies that will lead to serious medical issues such as age-related macular degeneration and/or visual performance. Early detection coupled with proper targeted nutritional supplementation will enhance the health of your patients.

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